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January/February 2012

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NEW PRODUCTS WaveMotion Bodywork Table This new treatment table, inspired by Watsu aquatic massage, can gently rock from side to side, rotate 360 degrees, and tilt up to seven degrees in any direction in order to facilitate fl uid movement. Designed to enhance bodywork treatments by promoting relaxation in clients and reducing strain on therapists, the table is height-adjustable, contains built-in heating elements, and can be locked in a static position for use with traditional techniques as well. It is available for $8,900 at 877- 778-1685 or Dynamic Body This new textbook from Erik Dalton explores biomechanics, fascial anatomy, functional movement, and manipulative therapy through more than 500 graphics and technique photos. Featuring contributions from a number of distinguished leaders in the fi eld, including Til Luchau, Thomas Myers, and Art Riggs, this 457-page book is available for $87.95 at 800-709-5054 or Thera-Band Stretch Strap Performance Health introduces this elastic stretch strap that can be used with both static and contract-relax stretches to improve fl exibility and range of motion. The multiloop design allows for comfortable stretching of major muscle groups, and the numbered loops help set goals and limitations while measuring progress. The strap is available for $23.99 at 800-321-2135 or Celebrate ABMP's 25th anniversary and you may win a refund on your membership. 119 compiled by Hannah Levy

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