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C h e c k o u t A B M P 's l a t e s t n e w s a n d b l o g p o s t s . Av a i l a b l e a t w w w. a b m p . c o m . 87 4. Rolling the Pectoralis Minor with a Ball Here's another excellent self- treatment for the stubborn pectoralis minor. The combination of stretching and rolling helps the pectoralis minor stay supple. There are many excellent balls on the market. Pick one that is soft enough that the pectoralis minor doesn't go into shock, yet one firm enough that it does some good. Place the ball on the pectoralis minor and roll from inferior (attachment at ribs) to superior (attachment at the coracoid process) to lengthen. 5. Strength Training the Scapula Stabilizers Forward roll on an exercise ball: • Starting position: Kneeling on the floor with the palms together as if praying. The hands should be on the part of the ball nearest your body. • Gently retract the scapulae (squeeze them together) and, from this position, roll forward until your elbows rest atop the ball. • Lift your toes. • Only roll far enough to feel the shoulder girdle muscles engage. Rolling too far will target the abdominals. You want to make sure you feel the movement more in the shoulder girdle. • Maintaining a neutral position of the lumbar and cervical spine, keep your hips extended throughout the exercise. • Make sure the hips are in line with the spine and not hiked upward. THE OBSTINATE PEC MINOR Note 1. Janet Travell, David Simons, and Lois Simons, Travell & Simons' Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual (Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 1998). Peggy Lamb is the author of Releasing the Rotator Cuff, Stretch Your Clients! (Massage Publications, 2004), and The Core of the Matter: Releasing the Iliopsoas and Quadratus Lumborum (Massage Publications, 2013). An educator and bodyworker for more than 25 years, Lamb brings her eclectic and extensive background into her teaching for an interesting and enlightening learning experience. Visit her website at or email her at

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