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WHAT'S INSIDE? SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016 FEATURES 54 THE LIVING FASCIA Come along on this groundbreaking discovery. The author's 20 years of video documentation during live surgeries have led to a new understanding of the body. By Jean-Claude Guimberteau, MD 64 UNDERSTANDING FASCIA The creator of Anatomy Trains shares his exploration into fascia and discusses how this new way of seeing biomechanics can empower every manual therapist. By Thomas Myers 74 A CONVERSATION WITH JOHN BARNES Patience, not force, is key to working with fascia. Massage & Bodywork listened as John Barnes taught his Myofascial Release Approach. By Karrie Osborn 80 THE OBSTINATE PEC MINOR The pectoralis minor can be problematic— especially in the shoulders, arms, and neck. Here are some specifics on how to work with this hidden prankster. By Peggy Lamb 88 MASSAGE, MOVEMENT, & MINDFULNESS Bodyworkers are no strangers to addressing clients' pain. This expert shares wisdom about a variety of ways to help soothe their pain and move forward. By Diana L. Thompson 119 THE STORY OF MASSAGE FINDING FASCIA Everybody's talking about it, but what is it actually? Join us as we look beyond the myth to the beautiful reality of the fascial system—in its living form. The results force us to rethink this inspiring tissue. By Karrie Osborn 50

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