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C h e c k o u t A B M P 's l a t e s t n e w s a n d b l o g p o s t s . Av a i l a b l e a t w w w. a b m p . c o m . 23 TIESHA VON KAENEL (TVK) Tiesha von Kaenel founded Cornerstone Wellness & Medical Massage Group in 2015 with Karla Freitag. Her six-year career has been full of amazing reward and grow th. She entered this profession in anticipation of helping others grow in health and knowledge of how to care for themselves, and received so much more in return. The oppor tunity to ser ve others as a therapist in a group of amazingly gif ted practitioners has been an even greater gif t than she ever anticipated. w w Meet the Therapists JOSHUA BELL (JB) Joshua Bell is in his second year of practice in Knox ville, Tennessee. During the day, he uses his skills at a local Massage Env y, but he also has a small private practice on select nights of the week. Flow is the word that best describes his massage: a confident touch that gently sweeps away worr y while integrating deep strokes that melt stress. Thanks to the quality and client- centric nature of his massage, his books stay pretty full. KARLA FREITAG (KF) Karla Freitag and Tiesha von Kaenel founded Cornerstone Wellness & Medical Massage Group in 2015. It is a complete physical and mental wellness center dedicated to helping clients achieve wellness naturally and live their lives more fully. Their medical massage focuses on injur y, chronic pain, neurological and physical disorders, postsurgical recover y, and stress management. Karla's 20 -year career has been focused on medical massage, exercise, and fitness. w w CATHERINE GREGORY (CG) Catherine Gregor y is a cer tified massage therapist, cer tified meditation instructor, and advanced cer tified practitioner of Ar vigo Therapy, specializing in women's reproductive health. She's run her own healing ar ts practice for 12 years and is based in For t Collins, Colorado. She's a former magazine editor and writer currently writing her first book on women's healing and empowerment . w w w.fer JOAN M. LAUBACHER (JML) Joan M. Laubacher is an experienced massage therapist and skin care professional with a background in brand marketing and small business consulting. In her 24 years of experience, she has worked for mid-level companies, star t-ups, franchises, and day spas and is currently juggling private practice with a robust family life in Boulder, Colorado. Joan is a faculty member at the Boulder Massage Therapy Institute and is a graduate of both the Santa Barbara School of Massage and the Boulder Massage Therapy Institute. Learn more about the therapists featured in this issue's Business Side column at Visit page 131 for exclusive content you can't get anywhere else.

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