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Institute and is a graduate of both the Santa Barbara School of Massage and the Boulder Massage Therapy Institute. 1. WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO GET INTO THE FIELD? I was enjoying a career in sales and marketing but thought it would be useful to have a back-up plan. Plus, I thought it would be fun to learn more about massage and the body. 2. WHAT KEEPS YOU IN THE FIELD? WHY ARE YOU STILL PRACTICING? I really enjoy people, but not in an extroverted way, so massage is ideal for me personally and professionally. The connection with my clients is unlike any other work relationship I have experienced. It is intense and respectful and quiet and hopefully healing. 3. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE SELF-CARE PRACTICES? I trade with an acupuncturist and another massage therapist, so these modalities are wonderful and work for me. I also incorporate body care products that assist with the physical demands of this profession. 4. SHARE A STORY ABOUT A MEMORABLE CLIENT INTERACTION OR EXPERIENCE. I was doing a couple's massage, so there were four of us in the room. I don't wear a holster, so my lotion bottle travels with me on the floor and on the table. At one point during their session, I launched my bottle across the room. Fortunately, it didn't make a huge sound and the other therapist was able to grab it for me easily, but we both had a good, though muffled, laugh about it! TIESHA VON KAENEL Tiesha von Kaenel founded Cornerstone Wellness & Medical Massage Group in 2015 with Karla Freitag. Her six-year career has been full of amazing reward and growth. She entered this profession in anticipation of helping others to grow in health and knowledge of how to care for themselves and received so much more in return. The opportunity to serve others as a therapist in a group of amazingly gifted practitioners has been an even greater gift than she ever anticipated. 1. WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO GET INTO THE FIELD? Watching my mother go through breast cancer when I was a teen just after having lost my grandfather to cancer had a huge impact on my interest in holistic health care in general. Specifically, I began to see the need for balance in this crazy toxic world we live in. 2. WHAT KEEPS YOU IN THE FIELD? WHY ARE YOU STILL PRACTICING? I take pride in knowing that my business partner and I have created a healing space where our clients find rest and renew, our therapists love to come to work, and we are blessed by each person who walks through our door. 3. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE SELF-CARE PRACTICES? I love time with my family, being in nature, laughing with friends, and retreat with my God. Les Sweeney is ABMP's president. Contact him at les@ and read his occasional blog posts on www. Kristin Coverly,, is the manager of professional development at ABMP and creates resources and teaches workshops for therapists across the country. Both are massage therapists with business degrees who care about you and your practice. digital extra

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