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For this issue's Business Side column, Les and Kristin shared insights from your fellow colleagues about what it's like to cultivate a practice and a career. Here's a chance to learn a little more about the therapists who participated. Thanks again to this fantastic group of practitioners! JOSHUA BELL Joshua is in his second year of practice in Knoxville, Tennessee. During the day, he uses his skills at a local Massage Envy, but he also has a small private practice on select nights of the week. Flow would be a word that best describes his massage: a confident touch that gently sweeps away worry, while integrating the deep strokes that melt stress. Thanks to the quality and client-centric nature of his massage, his books stay pretty full. 1. WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO GET INTO THE FIELD? Massage was something I always kept in my life, but never realized until recently. For years, I unconsciously sought out any information I could about massage, whether it was in cheesy "How-To" guides or analyzing television shows or movies where massage was depicted, thinking, "Just what are they doing to elicit that response?" I would then take what very little I learned and tried it out on friends or anyone who seemed to be in pain. Massage drifted in and out of my life until I was asked, "If you could go to school to learn anything you wanted, what would it be?" "MASSAGE!" was the ton of bricks that landed on me at that moment. 2. WHAT KEEPS YOU IN THE FIELD? WHY ARE YOU STILL PRACTICING? When I was younger, it was nothing that could be verbalized. Not that you would even think to when it's something so ingrained, so a part of you: that positive touch. Making people smile was never a Clockwise from top: Joshua Bell Karla Freitag Catherine Gregory Tiesha von Kaenel Joan M. Laubacher What It's Like: Professionals Discuss Their Careers Learn More About the Therapists By Les Sweeney, BCTMB, and Kristin Coverly, LMT mission I set for myself, but when true happiness can sprout from a simple touch with good intention then that drives you to keep making a difference, keep making connections, and keep the smiles coming. 3. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE SELF-CARE PRACTICES? Cardio exercise, stretching, drinking so much water, and once I get some free time, I'll add "getting a massage" to the list! KARLA FREITAG Karla Freitag and Tiesha von Kaenel founded Cornerstone Wellness & Medical Massage Group in 2015. It is a complete physical and mental wellness center dedicated to helping clients naturally achieve wellness and live their lives more fully. Their medical massage focuses on digital extra

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