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C h e c k o u t A B M P 's L a t e s t N e w s a n d B l o g P o s t s . Av a i l a b l e a t w w w. a b m p . c o m . 105 ENERGY WORK ENTANGLEMENT THEORY A third theory related to faster-than-light travel, and my personal favorite, is the theory of entanglement. Entanglement is one of many hypotheses related to quantum mechanics, the study of the very small particles composing the universe. Even more specifically, it's the study of how those subatomic particles communicate with each other. The basic idea is that once two particles connect, even when separated by vast distances, they continue to affect each other. A team of physicists led by Juan Yin at the University of Science and Technology of China in Shanghai assigned a speed to the communication between photons, or wave-particles of light, that were separated after being linked. They examined the state of one photon and timed how long it took for a change to be reflected in its partner, which was about 10 miles away. They asserted that the slowest speed of the communique was 10,000 times the speed of light. 4 What this means is that your attitude, desires, and hopes can immediately impact your client, both during and after your interaction. Of course, they are also being affected by all the other people they know as well. The more powerfully we believe in a client's advancement and evolution, the stronger our effect. At some level, our beliefs could potentially cancel out a client's negative attachments and even their own pessimism. Even better, we can support our client in believing in their own ability to heal and change. Available to us all, however, is a force even greater than ourselves, which we can connect to anytime. Whatever we call the Creator—God, Allah, Christ, the Goddess, Goodness, or the Universal Consciousness—this being could also be defined as the Great Entangler. If there is a oneness, then it is Everywhere you go, there is an available space in which to create vital transformations. already connected with everything and everyone. By definition, a creator-being or loving force would be equivalent to a parent, wishing only wellness on its children. During a session, if we can link with our own version of this consciousness, we interconnect our client to it. The result is access to all powers of healing and light—including the light that can move faster than itself. Access the Great Entangler Follow your instinct, professional training, and the flow of the session, but turn the outcome over to this presence. Would not the creator of light be able to direct the situation with the quickest of lights to the highest of heights? Individuals often use not only meditative techniques, but also prayer and contemplation, to enable this bond. As you explore, you'll come to know which facets of each theory to apply in various instances with your many clients. Enjoy the energetic applications—in your own time. Notes 1. Alok Jha, "Why You Can't Travel Faster than the Speed of Light," The Guardian, January 12, 2014, accessed July 2016, jan/12/einstein-theory-of-relativity-speed-of-light. 2. Carol L. Bowman, "The Scientific Basis of Energy Healing," accessed July 2016, surveyor.vo.llnwd. net/o45/data/1048/energy_medicine.doc. 3. Jessica Orwig, "Four Ways to Break the Universe's Speed Limit," Business Insider, February 27, 2015, accessed July 2016, can-travel-faster-than-the-speed-of-light-2015-2. 4. Jesse Emspak, "Spooky! Quantum Action is 10,000 Times Faster Than Light,", March 15, 2013, accessed July 2016, www.livescience. com/27920-quantum-action-faster-than-light.html. Cyndi Dale is an internationally renowned author, speaker, and intuitive consultant. Her books include the bestselling The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy (Sounds True, 2009), The Complete Book of Chakra Healing (Llewellyn Publications, 2009), and Advanced Chakra Healing (Crossing Press, 2005). To learn more about Dale and her products, services, and classes, please visit

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