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November/December 2010

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editor's note FROM ME TO YOU INSPIRATION I'm so spoiled. When I need inspiration, warm fuzzies, or a purely selfish ego boost, I just check my inbox. Thank you for all the feedback, lessons, love, and support you send out to the ABMP team and me year-round. For instance, here's an email bouquet from one of our members, Raul Tovar: "I just want to thank you and everyone at ABMP for all you continue to do to make our practices much easier and for providing every tool possible to succeed in our massage and bodywork profession. I just received the September/October Massage & Bodywork magazine—I haven't been able to put it down! I love every article." Raul is a lot like you: a wonderful MT doing good work and trying to make Leslie finds inspiration in the middle of Times Square, 2010. Photo by Sandy Hansma. a living doing so. And we know that mission can be a journey. We've been doing some research on member preferences and we're learning from all of you in order to empower you. Generally speaking, you are healers answering a calling, and marketing isn't your favorite word. But we at ABMP and Massage & Bodywork are here to help you with that and many other challenges. When's the last time you logged on to It's better than opening birthday presents, I promise! If you're still not comfy online, you need to be: that's where your clients are. You have a not-so-secret weapon at your fingertips with this issue of Massage & Bodywork—crafted to help you enjoy a more successful, fulfilling practice. In these pages, you'll find honest discussions from three massage therapists who have worked hard to make their marks on the profession—Meagan Holub, Felicia Brown, and Kathy Gruver. They've opened their hearts and minds in order to help you bypass some obstacles, gain perspective, and embrace your inner entrepreneur. You'll learn how they followed their intuition in challenging times in order to emerge successful. My hope is that you'll be as spoiled by this issue as I am by you. Turn these pages and add inspiration to your efforts. Chances are you promote yourself best one-on- one and that's the richest form of marketing. Just be yourself and spread the word about what you love: giving massage. LESLIE A. YOUNG, Editor in Chief 8 massage & bodywork november/december 2010

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