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A variety of manufacturers produce suction cups with pumps used to create negative air pressure. Use no more than six cups in a cupping treatment session to allow for focused treatment. Ensure that the cups do not remain on the skin for more than 15 minutes, and for the initial treatment, limit the time to 10 minutes. Allow a 3–5 day interval between treatments. Even in a dry cupping session, there is potential (though rarely) for exposure to blood for the practitioner. Before removing a cup, the practitioner should examine the treatment area to see if blood has oozed out under the cup. If blood is present, wear gloves for protection before removing the cup and use Standard Universal Precautions to clean the area and any tools that come in contact with the blood. (Note: In my several years of doing cupping, I have encountered only one client who had blood oozing from the treatment area in a dry cupping session.) CUPPING CAUTIONS Chinese meridians

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