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106 m a s s a g e & b o d y w o r k j u l y / a u g u s t 2 0 1 6 animals. I picture a spirit like a spark emanating from the sun. Knowing that it's always connected to the sun through beams of love, an individual's spirit is continually renewable and open to prosperous and supportive energies. In the Spirit-to-Spirit technique, this particular definition of the word spirit will apply to you or your client. If you are working in a group, it will encompass all the living beings you are seeking to address or heal. Second, the term spirit can also refer to noncorporeal entities, or angels, guides, the deceased, and additional otherworldly beings. If either a practitioner or a client believes that spirits attend to the living, it's logical to want only the most obliging and beneficial ones assisting in the session. Finally, the term Spirit represents the Higher Power many call God. Know that when I use this term, I'm not witnessing for a certain religion nor analyzing for gender. In fact, in the The Bible's New Testament, the word used for Spirit is pneuma, which is a gender-neutral term that in Greek means "breath." (If anything, the Christian religion should actually support a feminine interpretation of the term. In Hebrew, the original language of the Jewish Torah, which is also the Christian Old Testament, the term used for Spirit is ruah, which is a feminine noun. As well, the word employed in Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke, is also feminine. Specifically, the word for Spirit is shekinah, which means "presence." 1 ) My advice is that when you invoke this Greater Spirit using my technique, you insert your own belief system. aside and allow Spirit to bring about the desirable results. Why are these objectives so important? Over the years, I've met many healers who have expressed concern about one or all of these factors. I'm sure you've felt the same way, and so, you might relate to the needs met through Spirit-to-Spirit. REFERRING TO SPIRIT As a process, Spirit- to-Spirit meets all six objectives and can be performed in three steps. Before sharing these steps, it's important that I clarify how I use the word spirit, since I employ it in three ways. First, spirit references the highest aspect or essence of a living being. This definition includes 3. Invites the Highest Level of Spiritual Assistance Subtle energy practitioners usually acknowledge a spiritual side to their work. Many call on spiritual guides, such as angels, avatars, the deceased, or totem animals. They might also attribute powers to Spirit or their own highest self. Many also recognize there are unsavory or dark forces negatively influencing the client. These might need to be chased away by the good guys for the client's situation to improve. Clients often share similar beliefs. 4. Establishes Clear Energetic Boundaries Between the Practitioner and the Client Most of the healers I know struggle with subtle energy boundaries, or rather, the lack of them. Caring people frequently sense their clients' aches and pains, emotions, illnesses, needs, and deepest motivations. When we're saturated with others' energies, we'll end up confused, depleted, and exhausted. We need to stay distinct and separate from the client, yet retain our compassion and empathy. 5. Clears Inappropriate or Misleading Agendas and Establishes the Highest and Most Achievable Agendas We might hold a personal agenda for a client that is improbable or unrealistic. Clients, too, carry agendas that might be impossible or untimely. Or maybe we'll both err toward agendas that are too limiting. I have determined that a session goes far better if I focus on what should occur from the highest perspective, instead of what myself or the client desires. Usually, we're both pleasantly surprised. 6. Allows a "Let Go/Let God" Attitude, Turning the Session Over to Spirit Ultimately, Spirit is the highest form of guidance, best able to inform our intuition and carry out healing. Our main job as a healer, especially in regard to subtle energy, is to step

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