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September/October 2010

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contributors IN THIS ISSUE Melody's lifelong interest in the care and maintenance of the human body led her to become a mom (1983), fitness instructor (1985), mom again (1988), massage therapist (1989), surgical registered nurse (2004), and Melody Cook registered nurse first assistant (2009). She and husband Helmut enjoy long dog walks and exploring the world. Diane Hovey A "recovering engineer," Diane blends a variety of Do you have clients with tattoos? Learn from Diane about this type of scar tissue release, on page 72. disciplines in search of the balance needed to satisfy both the right and left sides of her brain. A lover of complex puzzles, she finds it is no surprise that her private practice concentrates on clients with idiopathic pain. Stephanie loves teaching and mentoring others toward empowered, sustainable health care. She is an avid Stephanie Mines researcher conducting clinical trials for the application of her work (the TARA Approach) for the treatment of autism. She is passionate about the combined power of attunement and educated touch in healing. Lee Picciuto Lee lives physically in the Lowcountry of South Carolina and spiritually above a patisserie in Paris. She is the author of Ethics in Practice: A Handbook for Modern Massage Therapists. She is pursuing a master's degree in social work and writing a monthly culinary column for her local newspaper. Marybetts has been a massage therapist since 1975 and wrote her first massage book in 1991. She is passionate about taking massage to disadvantaged people, so in addition to teaching, Marybetts Sinclair writing, and running her private practice, she volunteers at a free physical therapy clinic and a homeless drop-in center. 10 massage & bodywork september/october 2010

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