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July/August 2010

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44 THE BODY OF KNOWLEDGE The Massage Therapy Body of Knowledge task force recently unveiled a document to help define the profession. Learn more about this pivotal project and its ramifications. BY KARRIE OSBORN 52 ANTIANXIETY FOOT MASSAGE Could it be that the solution to stress relief lies in massaging one of the most often neglected body parts? This expert shares his experience. BY JOHN MRAMOR 62 FOREARMS FOR THE FEET In this second installment for Massage & Bodywork, the creator of the Auth Method talks about working on the lower extremities. BY SHARI AUTH 68 A DAOIST APPROACH Balancing acupressure techniques that combine Chinese methods and Daoist medical philosophy can help provide pain solutions for clients. BY WOLFGANG LUCKMANN ENJOY THE DIGITAL EDITION OF MASSAGE & BODYWORK, WINNER OF A 2010 MAGGIE AWARD FROM THE WESTERN PUBLISHING ASSOCIATION. FIND IT AT WWW.MASSAGEANDBODYWORK.COM.

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