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July/August 2010

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we bet our standards will become yours... avalon the Professional Massage Table Package Only $399 we bet our standards will become yours... MAPLE HARDWOOD Hard maple is 20% harder than the cheaper Birch or Beech wood that some tables are made of. Hard maple is stronger and over time will keep bolt holes and joints tighter. CABLING SYSTEM The patented Cradle Lock cabling system is the simplest, lightest weight, and strongest support system in the industry. EarthLite's is aligned mid-brace for additional strength and stability under heavy loads. CRADLE LOCK MID-BRACE DYNAMIC LOAD TESTED The EarthLite Avalon is dynamic load tested by trained engineers to 500 lbs. and static weight tested to 3,000 lbs. CLIENT ACCESS Reiki End Plates – Perfect for Reiki healing yet are somewhat less stable and weigh more than standard end plates. The Avalon gives the best of both worlds with a half Reiki, half standard design. STABLE WITH EASY NATURSOFT™ UPHOLSTERY EarthLite uses Natursoft™ upholstery, a luxurious, buttery soft yet durable vinyl designed to last through years of heavy professional use. FACECRADLE Our patent pending Flex-Rest™ self- adjusting facecradle eliminates pressure points and reduces sinus pressure through an innovative platform, which adapts to the shape of your client's face. FLEX-REST™ SELF-ADJUSTING PROMISE plant-a-tree PROMISE plant-a-tree 800.872.0560 ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND EarthLite walks the talk. We use only sustainable sourced hardwoods, water based lacquers and glues, 100% PU upholstery, CFC Free cushioning, and a total carbon off set program. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE If for any reason, you are not completely satisfi ed with your EarthLite Avalon massage table, return it to us within 30 days in like-new condition in the original packaging for a full refund.

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