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November/December 2009

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An extended therapist profile helps potential clients get to know you better and gives you more keywords. This Web page is optimized for the niche keyword "yoga" and other related keywords. Amy Morgan infuses her website with fresh content through her massage blog. Andrea Porter regularly updates this page with news and specials. BE THE CLIENT What's the best way to improve your website content? Look at it from a visitor's point of view. If you were a potential client, would your site convince you to call for an appointment? Porter explains it this way: "Advice I've heard (and followed) when setting up a massage room is 'think like a client.' Ask a colleague to give you a massage in your room so you can see, hear, smell, and feel everything about that room from a client's perspective, rather than just from the therapist's. Same thing with the website: go through it as though you want to find information about your place for the very first time. Is the text free of errors? Is it easy to find contact information? Do all the links work? Can someone from another city or state immediately tell what city or state you are located in?" If you get frustrated trying to find information on your website, so will your visitors. Don't let errors or omissions on your website drive potential clients away. Make the effort to make your site as user- friendly and professional as possible. The quality of your website reflects the quality of your business. FINAL WORDS OF WISDOM Whether you have the skills to optimize your website on your own, as Porter did, or you hire an experienced Internet marketer to work with you, as Morgan did, your massage website can provide a valuable return on investment and become a dependable source for reaching new clients. The time spent in developing quality content for your website will be worth the effort. "In the long run," Morgan says, "your website will pay for itself." blogger for OneTouch Massage, a manufacturer of professional massage tables and accessories. For more information, visit or contact Esther Pearson is an SEO copywriter and connect with your colleagues on 25

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