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Create a Checklist Where are your pain areas? Pay careful attention to your body and create a pain list. Just note areas in your body that hurt during or after a massage. If your list is getting long, don't get nervous. My partial list at the time I started my experiment included the left side of my neck, right acromioclavicular (AC) joint, left shoulder capsule, and left elbow. A lot of my pain areas diminished or disappeared after I made one or two key adjustments. Next, prioritize your list. What needs to be addressed right now for you to not hurt when you do your next massage? For me, the left side of my neck (probably related to an old football injury and exacerbated by doing massage) was a priority because the low-grade, occasional neck pain had turned into a sharp, almost constant pain. Your list may change once you start to work on it. That's OK. The important thing is to identify the top pain areas so you can begin to apply these pain-reduction strategies.

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