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If You Liked That … You'll Love This! If you've got a favorite article from this issue of Massage & Bodywork, we've got a webinar recommendation for you, and FREE continuing education hours. IF YOU LIKED THE ARTICLE "INTEGRATING SCIENCE WITH TECHNIQUE" BY JOSEPH E. MUSCOLINO, DC (PAGE 60) … YOU'LL LOVE THE WEBINAR "LEARN TO PALPATE EFFECTIVELY" WITH DR. JOSEPH MUSCOLINO. Discover that muscle palpation can be learned and performed easily with common sense guidelines. Joseph Muscolino teaches the importance of knowing the attachments of the target muscle, learning and understanding palpation guidelines in order to promote critical reasoning skills, and choosing the best action of the target muscle in order to engage it. IF YOU LIKED THE TECHNIQUE SECTION OF MASSAGE & BODYWORK (PAGES 98–109) … YOU'LL LOVE WEBINARS FROM WHITNEY LOWE AND TIL LUCHAU. Two of our most prolific columnists are also two of our most popular webinar presenters. Whitney Lowe offers eight on- demand ABMP webinars, including several based on his @Work columns from Massage & Bodywork, while Til Luchau covers three main topics—Body-Mind Considerations; Ethics; and Myofascial Techniques—over the course of his 24 webinars. IF YOU LIKED THE COLUMN "THE PRECIOUS PROCESS OF TOUCH" BY DOUGLAS NELSON (PAGE 31) … YOU'LL LOVE THE PRECISION NEUROMUSCULAR THERAPY WEBINAR SERIES WITH DOUGLAS NELSON. This five-part series on Precision Neuromuscular Therapy provides information on the why of treatment therapy and not on the how to treat. Use this foundational knowledge, including assessment, to hone your problem-solving skills and utilize this deductive approach to bodywork as the platform for the series. IF YOU LIKED THE COLUMN "TEST YOUR PRACTICE IQ, PART 2" BY LES SWEENEY & KRISTIN COVERLY (PAGE 22) … YOU'LL LOVE THE WEBINAR "YES, YOU CAN MARKET YOUR PRACTICE! ESSENTIAL MARKETING SKILLS MADE EASY" WITH KRISTIN COVERLY. Are you intimidated by the idea of marketing your practice? Don't be! Join ABMP's Kristin Coverly to learn essential marketing concepts delivered in an approachable and understandable way. IF YOU LIKED THE COLUMN "MUSCULOSKELETAL DISORDERS" BY JERRILYN CAMBRON, DC, PHD, (PAGE 49) … YOU'LL LOVE THE WRITING A CASE REPORT WEBINAR SERIES FROM THE MASSAGE THERAPY FOUNDATION. A case report is a description of a client seen in clinical practice, which is written in a scientific manner. Join Karen Boulanger, Jerrilyn Cambron, Rosemary Chunco, Kim Goral Stevenson, and Ruth Werner for this five-part series on all that writing a case report entails. ABMP WEBINAR CE IS NOW FREE FOR MEMBERS! Watch a webinar and get your free CE today! Go to to get started.

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