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John Harvey Kellogg (1852–1943), founder of the Battle Creek Sanitarium and the famous cereal brand, holds a special place in massage therapy history because of his influential book The Art of Massage, which was first published in 1895. His book was a practical manual written initially for medical and nursing students, but was soon adopted by independent massage practitioners as well. Kellogg's organization of techniques into seven categories provided a useful blueprint for defining hands-on skills. It became the template for Swedish massage across generations of practitioners. THE STORY OF MASSAGE John Harvey Kellogg (center photo: shown between colleagues William and Charles Mayo) had great influence on the profession when he organized massage techniques. These photos, from his book The Art of Massage, depict his "kneading" category (top: fulling or superficial kneading; bottom: rolling; background image: wringing). Kellogg's Blueprint By Patricia J. Benjamin Excerpted from The Emergence of the Massage Therapy Profession in North America (Curties- Overzet, 2015) by Patricia J. Benjamin. Find it at www.

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