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The Kindness Quotient "As massage therapists and bodyworkers, you do it every time someone gets on your table (or chair). You might share the only kindness someone has witnessed all day." Expect More, With Les "Part of being on campuses is getting that vibe—I like to think it wasn't that long ago that I was there, but it's been 10 years since massage school, over 15 since grad school, and uh, $%#&@ since undergrad." Celebrating 40 Years of Benny Vaughn "In a 2014 interview with Massage & Bodywork, Benny said, 'Educators carry a great responsibility that can dictate both the direction and the future outcome of the massage therapy profession. It's a responsibility that should not be taken lightly.'" My Bodywork Session with Richard Rossiter "I don't know if the difference was visible, but it felt like my right arm was hanging two inches lower than my left, as if I was hunching my left shoulder up toward my ear." Finished reading Massage & Bodywork? Check out ABMP's new blog at should not be taken lightly.'"

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