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8 m a s s a g e & b o d y w o r k n o v e m b e r / d e c e m b e r 2 0 1 5 EDITOR'S NOTE This is the season of gratitude, when it's wonderful to count our blessings. But I'd love to refl ect not on what you have, but rather who you are. I'm always telling others outside the profession how special you are, but have I told you that lately? As I read your emails, letters, and social media posts about your challenges, allow me to refl ect on your strengths. Generalizations are dangerous, of course, but hear me out. My go-to massage therapist tells me you're all too often focused on others and rarely stop to refl ect and appreciate yourself. So let me hold the mirror, because I want you to see yourself as I see you. Massage therapists and bodyworkers are givers. You have an innate gift of healing with your hands, and you feel compelled to share it with others. You're present and generous with people—all people—regarding your time, attention, and respect. You're caring, compassionate, dedicated, and intuitive to a fault. Sometimes you feel crushed as you realize you can't effect change in clients' lives; only they can do that. But you never give up, because you feel compelled to share your gift. You're accepting and open-minded. Bodies are diverse, beautiful pieces of clay to you. Human beings are unending sources of challenge, delight, and opportunity as you strive to educate them about the benefi ts of therapeutic massage and a holistic lifestyle. I don't mean to idealize anyone. It's never fair to put people on pedestals, but from my vantage point, your weaknesses are also your strengths. Staying within scope of practice can be challenging at times, because you care so much and because you believe you can make a difference. You lead with your heart. You probably don't relish being a businessperson and having to earn a living, but that's just one of the reasons you're an ABMP member. You turn to us for your practice-building support, and we're fortunate to be here for you. Take a look at yourself from my vantage point. Do any of these qualities resonate with you? Once you appreciate your unique qualities, you can nurture them. The end result is a more effective, more amazing, and more professional you. If you don't believe me, let your loyal clients hold the mirror for you! Clearly, there's something about you and your skills that keeps them coming back. What is it? Learn from them and let them tell others about what they see in you. You are a blessing to me and our team here at M&B, so please see yourself the way I see you: perfect in your uniqueness. Go share who you are. Your clients—and prospective clients—deserve you and your skills. LESLIE A. YOUNG, Editor-in-Chief Gratitude for Who You Are When Leslie Young counts her blessings, she counts her parents— Earl and Floy Young—twice. M&B Finalist in Four Categories at Annual Folio Awards in NYC Massage & Bodywork magazine is a fi nalist in four categories for this year's Folio Eddie/Ozzie Awards, the publishing industry's largest and most prestigious editorial and design contest. Massage & Bodywork is a fi nalist in the following categories: •Association/Non-Profi t (Digital Edition) for the November/ December 2014 issue. •Association/Non-Profi t (Series of Articles) for the November/ December 2014 issue. •Association/Non-Profi t (Full Issue) for the November/ December 2014 issue. •Association/Non-Profi t (Feature Design) for the July/August 2014 issue. Read more about the awards, other fi nalists, and past winners at

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