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F r e e S O A P n o t e s w i t h M a s s a g e B o o k f o r A B M P m e m b e r s : a b m p . u s / M a s s a g e b o o k 105 ENERGY WORK 3. H. S. Burr, "The Meaning of Bio-Electrical Potentials," Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine 4 (March 16, 1944): 353–60. 4. Ibid. 5. Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence website, "Changes in Bioelectric Signals Trigger Formation of New Organs; Regenerative Medicine Implications," December 9, 2011, original research by Vaibhav P. Pai et al., accessed July 2015, formation-of-new-organs-regenerative-medicine-implications. 6. WebMD, "Pain Management and Bioelectric Therapy," accessed July 2015, pain-management/guide/bioelectric-therapy. 7. Kevin Tracy, "Shock Medicine," Scientific American 312, no. 3 (March 2015): 30–5. 8. R. Rybak, "Bioelectrical Modulators and the Cell Membrane in Psychiatric Medicine," Psychopharmocological Bulletin 35, no. 4 (Autumn 2001): 5–44; Cancer Tutor, John Kasunic, "Lyme Disease—Natural Treatments," February 13, 2015, accessed July 2015, 9. Biocog Tech, "Living Matrix," accessed July 2015, 10. "The Assemblage Point," accessed July 2015, 11. The Assemblage Point Centre Ltd, "The Assemblage Point," accessed July 2015, www. 12. Rollin McCray, PhD, and Doc Childre, "Coherence: Bridging Personal, Social, and Global Health," Alternative Therapies 16, no. 4 (July/August 2010); HeartMath Institute Research Library, accessed July 2015, www.heartmath. org/research/research-library/research-library.html. 13. Consciousness Energetics Blog, "The Heart Has Reason That Reason Cannot Know," accessed July 2015, 14. Acupuncture Medical Group, "The Energetics of the Torso," accessed July 2015, www. Cyndi Dale is an internationally renowned author, speaker, and intuitive consultant. Her books include the bestselling The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy (Sounds True, 2009), The Complete Book of Chakra Healing (Llewellyn Publications, 2009), and Advanced Chakra Healing (Crossing Press, 2005). To learn more about Dale and her products, services, and classes, please visit second and third sternebrae. The backside of this point is directly opposite in the thoracic vertebrae. Since the body of the sternum is typically found between the fifth and ninth thoracic vertebrae, you'll typically focus on the seventh thoracic vertebra. You can also recognize the point when your hands feel a tingle, chill, flash of heat, or density at the right area. In your mind's eye, you will intuitively perceive a flash of light or brightness. You can also tap on the sternum or the back of your client, or pass your hand a couple of inches above these areas, and ask your client to tell you when they experience a reaction. When working energetically, intuition is king— and queen. Gently pulse your hand or a finger on or over the point, front and back, following your instincts and your client's reactions. You can shift the point upward, downward, or to the right or left by shifting your intention, altering your pulse, or moving your hand or finger slightly. If a certain color pops into your mind, ask your intuition if you should imagine that color streaming into or out of the point. Do the same with sounds, sensations, or even messages. Ask the client if feelings, memories, knowledge, or awareness strikes them when you are working the point. These insights can help them clear blocks and access desirable energies. Use your intuition and hand movements to pull unnecessary energy out of, and send needed energy into, the point. Ask that this energy transfer to any area of the body, mind, or soul it is needed. And finally, when you have finished working the front and back of your client, ask them to sit. Hold your hands on or over the points and align them by moving your hands. As you work with this technique, you will become more comfortable with using it as an information source and balancing tool. As George Carlin said, "Electricity is really just organized lightning." And what is lightning but inspiration? Notes 1. Higher Awareness website, "Invisible Life Force," accessed July 2015, manifesting-abundance/life-force-energy.html. 2. B. Alberts et al., "Ion Channels and the Electrical Properties of Membranes," in Molecular Biology of the Cell, 4th ed (New York: Garland Science, 2002): accessed July 2015,

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