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COLUMNS IN EVERY ISSUE 8 Contributors 10 Editor's Note 13 A Touch of Humor 15 Speak Your Mind: Chatty Clients 19 News Notes 20 Tell Me: First-Time Clients 23 Tips for Today: 5 Yoga Poses 111 Happenings 112 New Products 114 Education Resource Listing 115 Display Showcase 117 Classifi eds 118 Ad Index 119 Inspiration & Insight BEST PRACTICES 26 BUSINESS SIDE ABMP's National Consumer Survey Data By Les Sweeney & Kristin Coverly 32 TABLE LESSONS Reasons vs. Results By Douglas Nelson 36 SAVVY SELF-CARE Social Media By Jennie Hastings Stancu EDUCATION 38 CLASSROOM TO CLIENT Preparing for the MBLEx … Round 2 By Anne Williams 44 PATHOLOGY PERSPECTIVES Orthorexia Nervosa By Ruth Werner 49 FUNCTIONAL ANATOMY Subclavius By Christy Cael 52 SOMATIC RESEARCH Massage for Cancer Symptoms By Jerrilyn Cambron TECHNIQUE 96 CLINICAL APPS Gluteal Pain on the Run By Whitney Lowe 101 MYOSKELETAL ALIGNMENT TECHNIQUES Changing the Brain's Mind About Pain By Erik Dalton 103 ENERGY WORK Refl ecting Love By Cyndi Dale 106 MYOFASCIAL TECHNIQUES Working with the Psoas By Til Luchau JULY/AUGUST 2015 15 23 103 36 52

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