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F r e e S O A P n o t e s w i t h M a s s a g e B o o k f o r A B M P m e m b e r s : a b m p . u s / M a s s a g e b o o k 15 SPEAK YOUR MIND This usually works for me: "OK … let's focus and try to concentrate on the breath … inhale through the nose, and exhale through the mouth; that's one breath. Let's do two more: inhale …" NIGEL HUNT NEW YORK, NEW YORK How do you tell a chatty client it's time for quiet? Should you? I don't need to tell them. This is when I incorporate breathing: "Take a deep breath … now slowly exhale all the way 3–4 times, as I do longer, deeper strokes over your back with my forearm." After that, they usually drift off into thoughts … or none at all. I like to think this brings them out of their head and into their body. It brings them into the present, to simply be. AUDREY POWELL COLFAX, CALIFORNIA "Now, just relax …" SUSAN FAIRBAIRN KUREELPA, AUSTRALIA If clients want to talk, I let them, but I respond very little. I take deep breaths with long inhales every now and then. Eventually, they imitate my breathing and become quiet. MICHELLE DANIELS NEW YORK, NEW YORK "Well, this really sounds like you could use a quiet hour for yourself!" (hint hint) AMY FONTAINE-SMITH FORT MILL, SOUTH CAROLINA

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