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F r e e S O A P n o t e s w i t h M a s s a g e B o o k f o r A B M P m e m b e r s : a b m p . u s / M a s s a g e b o o k 103 technique ENERGY WORK Mirror, Mirror On the Wall Reflecting Love By Cyndi Dale Snow White is an inspirational character— if you want to end up cleaning for seven dwarfs for a living, that is. I believe the Wicked Queen presents even more vital lessons, and not only about the downsides of vanity. Have you noticed that the queen was perfectly content as long as the mirror told her she was the most beautiful in the land? Her life only deteriorated when the mirror's message failed to affirm her first-place position. During times of stress, pain, or crisis, it's especially important to be stroked with positive and supportive messages. As healers, we're part of the team providing this necessary encouragement to our clients. So how do we handle their negative attitudes in a way to assist them, and not further a downward spiral? I have coined the phrase energetic mirroring to describe a way to do just that. The process involves mirroring or reflecting energy to another in order to create healing, not harm. Because the most powerful energy is love, our first, second, and last choice will be to mirror love to our clients, no matter what. In this article, I feature two different ways to accomplish this goal. Before delving deeper, I want to further explore the concept of mirroring. WHAT IS MIRRORING? Psychologists frequently use the term mirroring to explain the process of echoing an idea or perception back to someone. For instance, if a client is sad about a condition, you reiterate that she is sad. If a client is feeling pain, you recognize she is in pain. Psychological mirroring is validating. Unfortunately, to merely affirm clients' sadness is to leave them sad. To restate that they are in pain still leaves them in pain. As healers, we can go a step further to affect improvement. We can mirror the energy of love in all we do and say.

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