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WHAT'S INSIDE? MARCH/APRIL 2015 SET CLIENT EXPECTATIONS The ideal session doesn't start or end with bodywork. How you set the stage and put the final touches on clients' experiences makes all the difference on whether they return to your table. By Jeffrey A. Simancek FEATURES 58 MINIMIZING INJURIES Self-care is crucial to your career longevity in massage therapy. Here's some common—and uncommon— advice for you to consider. By Mark Liskey 66 THE NEW ERA OF EDUCATION Even the most hands-on fields of study are slowly warming to the potential of online learning. Could this be the high- tech future of massage education? By Whitney Lowe 74 WHERE ARE WE NOW? This author and educator shares his reflections on the profession's evolution, as well as wisdom from a trio of experts: Rick Garbowski, Thomas Myers, and Tracy Walton. By Art Riggs 84 THE ZONE TECHNIQUE As a stand-alone modality or a complement to others, this subtle, yet effective, technique has much to offer clients and practitioners. By Brandon Twyford 119 WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO TODAY? 50 Cover photo by Elena Ray.

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