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F r e e m u s i c d o w n l o a d s f o r C e r t i f i e d m e m b e r s : w w w. a b m p . c o m / g o / c e r t i f i e d c e n t r a l 11 READER FORUM MIRROR THERAPY Just a quick note to say thank you, thank you, thank you! No exaggeration: every issue has an article that addresses something immediately relevant to my practice. Most recently, I started working with a client whose neurological system has been disrupted. I didn't think Massage & Bodywork would address such a narrow topic, but there it is: mirror therapy ["Refl ections On Mirror Therapy," by Ruth Werner, January/February 2015, page 36]. I can hardly wait to share this with my client's health team. ALICE JACKSON CHICAGO, ILLINOIS NEUTRALITY AND MINDFULNESS I am very thankful for the two articles I read in the last two magazines, "Mindful Massage: Working in the Present Moment," by David M. Lobenstine ( January/February 2015, page 64) and "Cultivating Neutrality," by Robyn Scherr (November/December 2014, page 74). I found connections between both articles, and they were very meaningful to me. The authors helped me fi nd a new perspective and depth in my practice. I felt encouraged to try some new things: the way I meet my clients, talk to them, and massage them. I learned not to make any assumptions or impose any changes on my clients. I keep cultivating neutrality and utmost respect in my bodywork. I found mindfulness to be a powerful way to enhance the experience for both my clients and myself. I found a new answer to what it means to be a great massage therapist. I recently began hearing the words "it was the best massage in my life" much more often, and I attribute it to my improved awareness, mindfulness, and intentions! I totally agree with author David M. Lobenstine who says, "I fi nd that the greatest change only comes when I don't try to make that change happen. The less I believe we can heal our clients, the more I believe our clients can heal themselves. The greatest gift we have to offer, I believe, is not fi xing, but facilitating." I truly appreciate your work. OLYA PEDERSEN RAPID CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA EMAIL YOUR LETTERS TO EDITOR@ABMP.COM. INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME AND THE CITY AND STATE IN WHICH YOU RESIDE. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO EDIT LETTERS FOR LENGTH AND CLARITY. Access the digital edition archives at on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. EMAIL YOUR LETTERS TO EDITOR@ABMP.COM. INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME AND THE CITY AND STATE IN WHICH YOU RESIDE. WE

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