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Next issue: How do you pay it forward? What music did you listen to today? Post it to our timeline: Tweet your link and mention @abmpmassage Take a screenshot and tag @abmpmassage Email your link to INSPIRATION & INSIGHT SiriusXM Spa. My clients love it. Tif fany Gauron SPA by Ken Davis. Terr y's & Terr y's Therapeutic Massage, Terr y Law vor Miller I have six NatureQuest CDs loaded in my carousel. Mar y Lemmink Lawrence Mountain Meditation. Mar tha Villaraza '70s mix for my MT1 students. We were learning tapotement and vibration ! Marissa Holden Alexi Murdoch. Ashley's Therapeutic Touch Introducing SighTUNES from At Peace Media. This monthly music subscription service offers 10 hours of streaming music. ABMP Certifi ed members receive a 40 percent discount off the monthly fee! ABMP Certifi ed members get quarterly downloads of free music annually from At Peace Media! To learn more, visit certifi edcentral.

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