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112 m a s s a g e & b o d y w o r k m a r c h / a p r i l 2 0 1 5 NEW PRODUCTS compiled by Hannah Levy Fascia in Sport and Movement This compilation from leading experts in the industry provides detailed information on the structure and function of fascia for bodywork practitioners. Edited by Robert Schleip, this text is divided into two sections—theory and clinical application—with the latest research on both topics. The 280-page paperback contains color illustrations and photographs and is available for $59.99 at Trail Guide to Movement Written by Andrew Biel of the iconic Trail Guide to the Body, this textbook explores how bones, fascia, joints, muscles, and other structures come together to enable human movement. Published by Books of Discovery, the 265-page textbook is available for $45.95 or as an ebook for $39.95 at 800-775-9227 or ABMP members receive a 20 percent discount on Books of Discovery products, including this textbook. Key Terms: Palpation and Movement Developed to assist bodywork practitioners with palpation and movement, this app contains more than 700 concepts, defi nitions, and terms, with accompanying quizzes. The app can be used as a study guide or valuable terminology resource and costs $2.99 for Android or Apple on Google Play or iTunes. Simply SoapBerry Simply SoapBerry is formulated with Himalayan soapberries, known for their natural cleaning, softening, and basic stain-removal properties. For centuries, Himalayan soapberries were dried and mixed with water to clean; now, this modern-day liquid soap contains organic soapberry concentrate and other non-GMO ingredients for a green alternative to laundry detergent. Made by Growing Naturals, a 32-fl uid-ounce pump bottle costs $19.49 at

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