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WHAT'S INSIDE? JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2015 HOW TO KEEP YOUR JOY FOR BODYWORK The realities of maintaining a practice can wear you down, but this seasoned practitioner shares some insider tips to help you recall your commitment to the profession and keep that fire burning. By Barry Hatfield FEATURES 56 A LIFELONG CAREER Inspirational stories from practitioners who've weathered the profession's challenges and reaped its rewards. By Karrie Osborn 64 MINDFUL MASSAGE Read how you can deepen and clarify your work, while keeping a client-centered focus. By David M. Lobenstine 75 THE BIOMECHANICS OF MOVEMENT This third excerpt from Trail Guide to Movement can increase your understanding of movement through six short stories. By Andrew Biel 86 TAX PLANNING FOR MTS Helpful tips made easy to keep your practice organized year-round. And it's not too late to save money on 2014! By Larry Kopsa 92 5 FUN FACTS ABOUT YOUR MASSAGE CAREER We decided to have some fun with the numbers, based on a 2014 At Peace Media survey. By Brandon Twyford 119 WHAT MADE YOU SMILE TODAY? 48

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