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Don't Quit! Challenges and Solutions for Career Longevity CHALLENGE: I WISH I MADE MORE MONEY! Solution: There are many ways to increase revenue. Some of these may work for you. 1. Let's fill up your appointment book! Send an email announcement or offer a discount to fill last-minute openings. Encourage pre-booking at the end of each session. Start a referral program to encourage and reward clients to send their friends your way. 2. Give yourself a raise. Increasing your prices by $5 per session, even just for new clients, adds up over a year. 3. Develop a referral network with another allied health professional in your area. Acupuncturists, chiropractors, personal trainers, and physical therapists can serve as resources to help build your practice. 4. Consider joining a team. Local spas and clinics often hire massage therapists who only want to work a few shifts per week. They may have a thriving clientele and will often handle the administrative tasks on your behalf—resulting in more hands-on time! CHALLENGE: WORK-LIFE BALANCE Solution: If you feel you give too much, are stressed, exhausted, and wish you had a more balanced schedule, we have some ideas to help. 1. Consolidate your hours. We've all overextended ourselves by taking clients whenever it's convenient for them. Now, it could be your time to set the days and times each week you are available. Encourage pre-booking so clients can still maintain their desired massage time. 2. Manage your time efficiently. Spending too much time on administrative tasks? Consider a software solution to help you manage your schedule, finances, and client communications. Full Slate offers up to a 40 percent discount for ABMP members, while other services like Artichoke offer a free trial. MindBody Online and MassageBook are two more options that offer a wide range of business solutions for practitioners. 3. Pay attention to self care. When was your last massage? Do you stick to a self-care routine with stretches and exercises? For ideas, turn to the Tips for Today column on page 20 in this issue. Refuel between sessions with healthy snacks and plenty of water or tea. ABMP members receive discounts on organic tea from Teatulia and Organic India! CHALLENGE: I'M BORED! Solution: Let's get to the root of the issue with these helpful tips. Remember, if you are bored, your clients probably notice it, too. 1. New music. Don't let your same old music bore you. SighTunes (, brought to you by At Peace Media, is a streaming music service that gives you a downloadable 10 hours of music per month. ABMP Certified members receive 40 percent off. 2. New atmosphere. Spice up your space with a cozy blanket, curtains, or wall art. See the articles in our Design Issue (September/October 2014) for ideas: 3. Add a technique. The options for continuing education are endless! ABMP offers both member- exclusive webinars (CE credit is $12 per unit) and Certified member-only ebooks. Flip through the pages of Massage & Bodywork magazine to discover a variety of partners offering discounted hands-on and online education to ABMP members. The ABMP Online Continuing Education Calendar is also a great place to search. 4. Watch your flow. Remember to stay creative in the session! Depending on the type of bodywork you are practicing and the client's requests for the session, is it possible to end with their favorite area (feet or scalp)? Can you incorporate an analgesic, aromatherapy, or encourage them to breathe deeply to provide that extra touch? 5. Be an investigator. If you have been in practice for a long time, you'll likely see a pattern of client complaints. You may be bored working with multiple low-back complaints in a week, so maybe it's time to approach the session with a new perspective. Seek out a class, book, or colleague for advice and to compare notes. Massage & Bodywork Digital EXTRA j a n u a r y / f e b r u a r y 2 0 1 5

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