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F r e e m u s i c d o w n l o a d s f o r C e r t i f i e d m e m b e r s : w w w. a b m p . c o m / g o / c e r t i f i e d c e n t r a l 11 READER FORUM WOUNDED WARRIORS I read the cover story regarding David Kupferschmid ["Wounded Warriors Find Relief with Massage," by Karrie Osborn, November/ December 2014, page 54]. David is one of the very first therapists to convert over to the new Board Certified credential and someone I talk to on a regular basis. What a powerful story! STEVEN P. KIRIN, CEO NATIONAL CERTIFICATION BOARD FOR THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE & BODYWORK BURR RIDGE, ILLINOIS I too have been working with wounded warriors for the past 7½ years in Palo Alto Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center (one of four sites in the United States receiving them) with massage and Jin Shin Jyutsu. MARGE JERGENTZ LIVERMORE, CALIFORNIA Is it possible to purchase a copy of the November/ December issue? My massage therapist is on the cover, and I'd love to obtain a printed copy. David has been my massage therapist for three years now, and he's the best therapist I've ever had. I'm so glad you highlighted his work with the returning veterans. WADE PRICE WASHINGTON, DC Great issue. Especially the reiki/posttraumatic stress disorder and wounded warriors sections. JACKIE STOYAK GARGANO VIA FACEBOOK Absolutely amazing! I am in love with the rising publicity this issue is getting, and how so many amputees are finding help they didn't know existed with massage. SHELBY LYNNE VIA FACEBOOK Amazing. I felt called to help recently and this just proves that I need to get involved! KIM PETERSEN VIA FACEBOOK This is an amazing issue. Very revealing as to what our troops have to endure while serving, and after they return as well, and the tremendous people who go all out to help these men and women recover and return to society. JOHN LANCE SWEARINGEN VIA FACEBOOK In San Diego, working with our military has been a daily occurrence for us therapists for many years. Hopefully, one day the government will fund our work. Posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms are frequently reduced with regular massage work. HEATHER WITHROW VIA FACEBOOK This issue is so incredibly good. I get misty when I read the cover story. It's amazing. Humbling. @ALLISSAHAINES VIA TWITTER EMAIL YOUR LETTERS TO EDITOR@ABMP.COM. INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME AND THE CITY AND STATE IN WHICH YOU RESIDE. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO EDIT LETTERS FOR LENGTH AND CLARITY. Access the digital edition archives at on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

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