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January | February 2014

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Whether you are just starting your massage therapy practice or have been in business for a while, you Including massage therapy may have considered working with in their practices makes sense for most chiropractors. There are a a chiropractor. But is working with multitude of benefits massage can offer to a chiropractic practice as both a chiropractor a win-win situation a marketing tool and a revenue source. And most chiropractic patients would for both of you? Or is the only generally agree that of all therapies that are adjunct to chiropractic manipulation, benefit to the chiropractor's massage is the most popular choice. Patients love massage, not only for the reduction in their bottom line? Let's look at muscle spasms and pain, but also for the personal touch it provides—and touch is paramount in both how you can make this chiropractic and massage therapy. Massage therapy helps to relax a patient's body alliance work for you. and prepare it for receiving a chiropractic adjustment. As a chiropractor myself, I generally like to have the patient receive massage before, rather than after, the manipulation, not only because the patient is more relaxed when I deliver the adjustment, but also because there is a possibility that a deep-tissue massage can throw off a good adjustment if the therapist applies too much pressure on the recently manipulated underlying structures. It pays to be ABMP Certified: 69

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