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January | February 2014

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JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014 54 44 COLUMNS 36 BEST PRACTICES 28 BUSINESS SIDE IN EVERY ISSUE 8 Editor's Note/Contributors 11 Reader Forum 13 A Touch of Humor 15 Speak Your Mind 18 News Notes 21 Tell Me: Video 25 Ten for Today: ABMP Benefits 119Happenings 120 New Products 122 Education Resource Listing 123Classifieds 125 Display Showcase 126 Ad Index 127 Inspiration & Insight The CEO of You, Inc. By Les Sweeney & Kristin Coverly 33 TABLE LESSONS Anatomical Sleuthing By Douglas Nelson 36 SAVVY SELF-CARE Keeping Your Clients Safe By Karrie Osborn EDUCATION 40 CLASSROOM TO CLIENT Informed Consent By Anne Williams 44 PATHOLOGY PERSPECTIVES When Massage Creates Adverse Effects By Ruth Werner 48 BODY AWARENESS Postural Habits By Barb Frye 51 FUNCTIONAL ANATOMY Gluteus Medius By Christy Cael 25 54 SOMATIC RESEARCH Clinical Trials By Jerrilyn Cambron TECHNIQUE 100 CLINICAL APPS NEW Melvin's Painful Shoulder By Whitney Lowe 104 THE SCIENCE OF MOVEMENT Using Push and Pull By Mary Ann Foster 107 MYOSKELETAL ALIGNMENT NEW TECHNIQUES Scar Remodeling, Adhesions, and Nerve Pain By Erik Dalton 110 ENERGY WORK Pain Relief and Color By Cyndi Dale 114 MYOFASCIAL TECHNIQUES Working with Hamstrings By Til Luchau 110

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