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January | February 2014

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WHAT'S INSIDE? JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014 FEATURES 68 HOW TO WORK WITH A CHIROPRACTOR Discover the many ways massage therapists and DCs can create winwin health-care partnerships. By W. David Bond, DC 74 CHOOSE YOUR YESSES Setting boundaries can help you take care of yourself, boost your practice, and serve your clients. By Heidi Smith Luedtke 82 BREAKING NEW GROUND 58 THE FAINTING MYSTERY Fainting during a session is unique to one in 1,000 chair massage clients. What's behind this mysterious and dangerous phenomenon? Discover how you can keep it from happening to your clients and what to do if it occurs. By Eric Brown Massage therapy has solutions for clients suffering the pain of neuropathy. Learn how you can help. By Charlotte Michael Versagi 90 WHAT ARE THE RISKS? Learn why ABMP liability insurance and membership are crucial to your practice's success. By Karrie Osborn 98 8 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT MONEY Money, and your ability to manage it, can make or break your business. By William J. Lynott WHERE'S YOUR ABMP STICKER? Cover photo by Ellen Jaskol photography 127

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