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November/December 2013

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57% of national marketers believe local marketing is essential to business growth and flexibility Marketers call it "creating a buzz." Old-school entrepreneurs know it as word of mouth, branding, and PR. The gist? Getting people talking about you and your business. Massage therapists and bodyworkers are ripe for this kind of marketing campaign. With little if any advertising and marketing budgets, MTs have always been fortunate enough to have their satisfied clients do a lot of their promotion for them. This word-of-mouth concept is so strong that consumers trust and rely on it more than most any other source, especially when it comes to Facebook friends. Today's marketing plan looks nothing like it did 10, even five, years ago. There are more opportunities than ever to get people "buzzing" about your work—social media, free press, daily deals, blogs, Facebook promotions, Twitter, etc. What follows is a compilation of inspiring, successful ideas to help you create your own buzz and get people talking about the great work you do. start here

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