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November/December 2013

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term—these biological responses don't return to normal. Our bodies literally become too exhausted to fight off germs, tension, or emotional suffering. In addition, our sense of reality often topples, making it difficult for us to trust others or believe that we are safe. The definition of stress now expands from the experience of threat to the perception of the same. Although I expected my client's severe inflammation to get better after we discussed her mother's death, it didn't. I knew we had to dig deeper, and I employed my chakra knowledge to do so. I will reveal the ending to this cliff-hanger at the conclusion of this article, but first ... WORKING WITH CHAKRAS Chakras are one of three parts of the subtle energetic anatomy, the invisible structure that composes all living beings. They are spinning energy centers located at nerve plexuses and endocrine glands. The other two structures are the meridians and energetic fields, which we will address in subsequent columns. Chakras are uniquely useful for tracing and relieving the original causes of presenting issues, mainly because through them, we can transform physical energy to subtle energy and back again, thus effecting change at every level. To work with a chakra is often called "energy healing." It's noteworthy to mention that anything we do as professional bodyworkers or therapists is energy healing. Energy is the fundamental ingredient in everything, including disease, healing, thoughts, and even our morning coffee. It is, quite simply, vibrating information. Subtle energy is the energy that moves faster than the speed of light, in contrast with physical or sensory energy, which is slower than the speed of light. In fact, compared to subtle energy, sensory energy practically dawdles, taking its sweet time to accomplish what subtle energy finished yesterday. There are many reasons that chakras are of particular use in alleviating stress, besides their ability to morph solid energy to ethereal energy and vice versa. Primary is the fact that chakras store memories. In fact, each chakra holds a certain portion of emotional, mental, physical, relational, and spiritual data according to where it is located in the body. This data can tell us why a certain issue appears in our life and what we can do to heal it. For instance, the sacral chakra located in the hip area contains information related to that bodily area, as well as safety and security issues. The subtle energy within that chakra will shape The five chakras beyond the traditional Hindu seven are as follows: CHAKRA COLOR LOCATION ISSUES MANAGED ACTIVATION Eighth Black Over head Ninth Gold Over 8th chakra Tenth Brown Under feet Eleventh Pink Around body Presenting symptoms: Connective tissue, hand and foot problems, difficulties with power and self-leadership. 42 to 49 years Twelfth Clear Around 11th chakra Unique to each person 49 to 56 years Mysticism, shamanism Presenting issues: Thymus and issues with time, mystical energies, issues from other lifetimes, and psychic attacks. Idealism, harmony Presenting issues: Diaphragm, challenges with over-idealism. Link to nature, ancestors Presenting issues: Bones, feet, allergies to inorganic substances, genetic issues. 21 to 28 years 28 to 35 years 35 to 42 years, and preconception Commanding of forces 112 massage & bodywork november/december 2013 DATE ( S ) Presenting symptoms: Unique to the individual.

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