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September/October 2013

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tell me … How Do You Get Clients to Rebook? By Abram Herman ABMP Social Media Coordinator | ABMP Facebook Reader Poll How many years has your most loyal client been coming to see you? 1–10 years 53% 11–20 years 37% 21–30 years 10% Offering Incentives Bringing in new clients can be a losing battle if you can't keep them coming back. A common way massage therapists try to encourage repeat visits is by offering discounts and special deals. This can be a great way to give your current clients an incentive to rebook—after all, everybody loves a discount—but at the same time, you need to be careful that your clients don't come to expect a discount on every session. One approach is to offer discounts only for specific events. "I offer senior, birthday, and referral discounts," says Wendi Wells in California. "I also offer reduced rates based on how often an individual client keeps an appointment: weekly, biweekly, or monthly." This second strategy is particularly effective, as the continued discount is dependent on the frequency of the client's visits. You get guaranteed appointments, and clients get a good price on regular massages. Other practitioners, like Sarah Dick in Illinois, shy away from discounts: "I've gotten away from offering outright discounts. I feel that giving the best service I can is what keeps people coming back." Consider increasing the value you offer rather than discounting your prices. As Janis Payton in Nevada knows, "Providing a party for the senses is essential for return visits. Clients are often lured back by the ambiance provided by essential oil blends, music, and soft table dressings." A small addition to the services you offer can add a lot of value in the eyes of your client, with very little investment required on your part. Did You Know? According to ABMP's 2013 National Consumer Survey, 75 percent of people who received a massage in 2012 rated their most recent massage an eight or above on a scale of 1–10. How do you get clients to rebook af ter a massage that good? Ask them ! At the conclusion of the session, simply ask if your client would like to book another appointment; you may be surprised at how many clients take you up on it! 22 massage & bodywork september/october 2013

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