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September/October 2013

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sPeaK your Mind what massage teacher would you most like to learn from? why? since touch is, with food, one of the original forms of health care, i would love to observe how people began to figure out what worked oh-so-many millennia ago. daVid Koerner hiroshiMa, JaPan Cheryl Chapman, rn, LMt, from new Jersey. her cancer/mastectomy massage class is the best class i have ever taken! Cheryl brings many years of her personal experiences to her classrooms. she is also a breast cancer survivor herself and is very passionate about her work. she is quite a wonderful teacher and mentor! skip Kanester, LMt. skip is a fantastic teacher. he teaches the basics of the asian healing arts in a respectful and spiritual manner. along with that, he taught us that we had to take care of ourselves first by practicing chi kong [qigong] and tai chi—ways to keep our bodies in shape for the work we would learn and take out into the world. cHeri leonard froM LinKedin upcoming topics How many modalities are you trained in? How many do you practice? why? deadline: october 15 publication date: January/ February 2014 paula pearson froM LinKedin what is your favorite muscle? why? deadline: december 15 publication date: march/april 2014 email your responses to your submission can be as short as you'd like and up to 250 words. See what benefits await you. 17

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