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September/October 2013

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reader forum A Correction and Some Kudos There's an error, probably typographical, in Whitney Lowe's excellent plantar fasciitis article in the July/August 2013 issue ["Take a Stand Against Plantar Fasciitis," page 102]. Page 102, third paragraph of the right-hand column has "metacarpal" instead of "metatarsal." It's great to see some presentation of the idea that tension or dysfunction in the upper leg—or even in the upper body—can influence the plantar area. I agree, and would add that working with the adductors of the upper leg also seems to help, presumably because of fascial continuity and the adductors' "role in proper gait mechanics," along with their antagonists, which Lowe and Benny Vaughn mention elsewhere in the article. The candor in the Sweeney/Coverly column is most welcome ["Challenges? Opportunities!" page 28]. Art Riggs pulls no punches delivering his wisdom, thank goodness ["How Best Intentions and Poor Boundaries Fuel Burnout," page 33]. Diana Thompson's summary of the International Massage Therapy Research Conference is concise and highly readable ["Research Shines at IMTRC 2013," page 54]. Til Luchau is precise and caring as usual ["Working with the Fibula," page 114]. Great issue! Keep up the good work. Going Digital Please change my magazine subscription from paper to digital. I enjoy taking the paper magazines with me from place to place, but now I have a smartphone, so I can still do that. I do like your magazines— especially the anatomy and physiology, and the articles where you describe how to perform a treatment rather than just how beneficial it is—so keep up the good work! Thank you! Lisa Wyzard Access the digital edition archives at www.massageand on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Mike Papciak Berkeley, California Four-Legged Clients email your letters to Include your full name and the city and state in which you reside. WE reserve the right to edit letters for length and clarity. I want to thank you for including an article about massage on animals in this issue ["Four-Legged Clients," July/August 2013, page 96]. I am a newly certified equine massage therapist and have been enjoying your magazine even though I am not certified in human massage. I am looking forward to more articles about our four-legged clients in the future. Helga Karisch Centennial, Colorado See what benefits await you. 13

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