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September/October 2013

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technique @work | the science of movement | energy work | Myofascial techniques Subtle Ways of Healing By Cyndi Dale As an energy practitioner, I'm constantly asked if I can just "fix this" or "make that happen." Given my lack of skills in the everyday-life category, no one seeks me out to repair roof leaks or to prepare a home-cooked meal. But aches and pains? I get the call. In fact, recently a few of my son's baseball teammates asked if I could perform energy balancing, or, more accurately, they asked if I could "do that weird thing." One erstwhile Babe Ruth had a pulled tendon, and another up-and-coming all-star was hobbling on a twisted ankle. My son, Gabe, added a simple request. "Just don't embarrass me, Mom." Sensing Subtle Energy When we seek to heal ourselves or another, the steering wheel for creating positive outcomes is intention. It is intention that will link you with a known or unknown person to provide healing, help you uncover your own wounded aspects, and determine the mix of subtle and physical energetic effects in your work. The following exercises are intended to assist you in recognizing your own and others' energetic fields, and work with, and in, them. 110 massage & bodywork Palm-to-Palm: A Partnered Exercise Find a partner who is willing to take 3–5 minutes to help you feel and sense the flow of subtle energy through the hands, and follow these steps: 1. Palm-to-palm. Stand and face each other. Both partners hold up their hands, palms forward, and bring them together so the palms are touching. Send energy to each other through your right hands, and receive energy from each other with your left hands. Take 30 seconds to sense what you feel. 2. 1 foot apart. Back up so you are 1 foot apart from each other. Hold your hands in the same position, but do not touch palms. Take another 30 seconds to sense what you feel. september/october 2013 3. 6 feet apart. Back up again until you are 6 feet apart, and repeat. At the 1-foot and 6-foot distances, you are experiencing quantum entanglement in action. Our fields expand, and the sending and receiving of energy isn't contingent upon physical touch. 4. Switching the circuitry. Start over, but this time, send energy with your left hands and receive with your right. See if you get the same or different results. On average, 80–90 percent of people send with their right and receive with their left, and about 10 percent do it the other way. Did you feel or sense differences at the various distances? How did you feel when sending energy? How did you feel when receiving energy? How did you feel when you reversed the flow? Was this reversal more challenging, easier, or comparable? What did this exercise teach you about energy?

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