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Q&A What makes Precision Neuromuscular Therapy stand out from other seminars in this field? Our emphasis is on the problem-solving process, rather than the teaching of a singular technique or approach. We have gravitated to this process because of our vast clinical experience—the diff icult musculoskeletal issues we face every day in the off ice challenge our creativity and ability to think outside the box. With an unwavering commitment to real and lasting results for our clients, each day is f illed with learning, discovery, and a deep sense of purpose. This wisdom and practical experience are exactly what is communicated in our seminars. We don't just teach you how, we teach you why. How does PNMT put an emphasis on its students? We are deeply committed to helping therapists get real and lasting results for their clients in the most effective and eff icient way possible. Our goal is to help therapists translate the material we present immediately into their practice, whatever setting that might be. What we hear f rom our participants is that PNMT helps them better apply critical thinking skills to choose the right approach for the right reason. This approach often rekindles the therapist's love of anatomy and the satisfying feeling of conf idence that comes with deep understanding. Our emphasis on precise palpation and assessment skills necessitates lots of hands-on time in our seminars, each guided by the skilled hands of an instructor with many years of practical experience. What is the PNMT Portal and how does it benefit students both current and past? Students have been asking for a video library of resources that both allow them to review material f rom the seminars and explore other areas of interest within the PNMT work. The portal has grown to far more than that original vision with hundreds of videos of treatment, assessment, pathology, and practice pearls. It fulf ills our mission to create a learning community within PNMT. What are some of the highlights that will resonate with those considering attending a PNMT seminar? We most often hear f rom therapists that seminars have given them a deep sense of conf idence they did not previously have. In an analogy, simply teaching techniques might be like learning how to tell a story in another language. In our approach, you master the principles to tell your own stories, and in your own voice. This is all done to help you serve the clients that grace your treatment table in the best way possible. sponsored by ADVERTISEMENT FOLLOW THE LEADER Douglas Nelson, PNMT founder

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