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KNEAD TO KNOW L i s te n to T h e A B M P Po d c a s t a t a b m m /p o d c a s t s o r w h e reve r yo u a cce s s yo u r favo r i te p o d c a s t s 11 What modality or training would you recommend to other therapists? Speak Your Mind FROM FACEBOOK Watsu. It is life changing, supporting one like a baby in warm water and taking the body through a water dance, allowing range of motion, stretching, and deep relaxation. MARINA SMITH-HICKMAN Learning Bowenwork with the American Bowen Academy changed my practice and my life. Bowenwork is very gentle for both clients and practitioners, it can be applied through clothing, on multiple clients at once and in many different settings, and it has very few contraindications. It has helped so many people with conditions or presentations they were not otherwise able to get relief for with other approaches. HEATHER BOYLE Neurokinetic therapy. It is muscle testing that shows you where the problem really is and gives longer-lasting pain relief results. CHRISTINE BAKER SMRT created and taught by Dawn Lewis. RACQUEL THEIS A modality lately referred to as Tragerwork. It is a natural branch and evolution of the Trager Approach, which is a unique form of bodywork developed by Milton Trager, MD, almost 100 years ago (in Switzerland Trager Therapy is sanctioned by regulatory agencies as a complementary health modality in its own right). Tragerwork is taught by a number of Trager-trained facilitators through NCBTMB-approved continuing education for massage therapists as a complement to the bodyworker toolbox. Avoiding bodyworker burnout, going "deeper" with less effort, and developing mindfulness in action are only a few of the benefits. FERNANDO ROJAS FROM INSTAGRAM Cupping. Clients have told me they sleep so much better after a cupping session with me. SHILOHMASSAGE_WELLNESS Watsu. MYOWN2HANDSMASSAGE With so many amazing modalities that can oftentimes complement each other, I'd have to go with reflexology. THEBODYWORKDOCTOR Frederick Stretch Therapy (FST) by Ann and Chris Frederick (formally Fascial Stretch Therapy). Game changer, as it down-regulates the parasympathetic nervous system and addresses stretching of the neuromyofascial system in a very gentle yet profound way. My clients absolutely love it. BAL ANCEDBODY THERAPYLLC Craniosacral therapy. Hands down for me. DEBPETER Pain science classes. L AURAMOSCAT Cupping, gua sha, reiki, ashiatsu. LINDSAYFROMWITHIN Rotator cuff treatment/treating shoulder pain as a whole. I get so many clients with rotator cuff injuries/shoulder pain who tell me they've never had their pecs, subscaps, or teres worked on. CAPTAIN_ SHARK _BAIT Functional Integrated Therapy. MASSAGECAREER Cupping, Graston Technique. CRYSTALMAY623 Cupping to use in conjunction with myofascial. CDWELLNESSLLC Evidence Informed Clinical Cupping. CUPPINGCANADA Shiatsu. That's it. Game changer. MAEDWELLNESS Craniosacral and reiki. I've found both have taught me to slow down, pause, listen, and really feel what is going on. SAMSUESMITHO Cupping massage for lymph and scar work. Feels great and is incredibly effective and easy on the therapist's body. LEIL ANIDAVENBERRY Ashiatsu because it requires minimal use of the arms and hands. JENACKL ANDMASSAGEANDESTHETICS Cupping in place of deep tissue. Effective and easier on the therapist's body. INHALEEXHALE_BODYWORK John F. Barnes's Myofascial Release. L AVIE1111 Myofascial work . . . learn to be slow and patient, work with the body. CINDYEHRHARDT

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