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EDITOR'S NOTE New Offerings, New Benefits These offerings are examples of our ongoing pursuit at ABMP to help both our profession's instructors and educators assist the next generation of practitioners into long-lasting and successful careers and to help our current members practicing daily across the country. We're also happy to announce another year of Massage is for EveryBody. This year's dates are July 17–23, 2022, and once again we'll be rewarding 10 winning entrants $1,000 each to those living by and displaying the tenets of bodywork (learn more and enter at Finally, this issue is chock-full of the highest level of content in the profession, brought to you by the best authors, educators, and presenters. As always, through our talented crew, we offer expertise in technique and modality guidance, coupled with self-care, business, and ethics. I'd like to briefly highlight one article in particular this issue. Longtime Massage & Bodywork contributor Lisa Bakewell compiled a terrific piece on the supply chain issues affecting our profession. It's valuable because it shines a light on our field, which, like others, is not immune to the supply chain issues affecting those around the world, due to the ongoing effects of the pandemic and Russia's war on Ukraine, and also, importantly, lessons learned and advice for adapting to global impacts. We hope you enjoy this issue, as we offer our ongoing commitment to expectmore of your membership and this magazine. We'll continue to strive to develop new products and initiatives that push your practices and hands-on work further. DARREN BUFORD Editor-in-Chief These past couple of months have been busy times here at ABMP. And I'm happy to say that the fruition of our work are new offerings for the profession and more offerings for you, our members. We've been working hard to bring increased knowledge and skills to our profession's school instructors, a member benefit that offers free scheduling and payment software for practicing professionals, and continued support in our commitment to safe work environments for MTs. In this issue of Massage & Bodywork, you'll read about ABMP's School Forum (page 17), our annual education gathering of school owners and instructors for more than 25 years; the launch of Cornerstones, a 25- hour continuing education program for expanded massage and bodywork instructor training (page 21); and our new app created in partnership with PocketSuite (page 90). And on the inside back cover of this magazine, we take another step in our mission by providing all readers of this magazine a peel-off sticker to affix to your place of business, your water bottle, your car's bumper—anywhere you'd like to display its powerful message of a zero-tolerance stance against those seeking illicit sexual services. Turn to the inside back cover of this issue for your peel-off Respect Massage sticker. 8 m a s s a g e & b o d y wo r k j u l y/a u g u s t 2 0 2 2

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