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MAY | JUNE 2022

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Q&A What makes working at Massage Heights different from other massage and bodywork employers? Massage Heights is passionate about sustaining and continuing to build a Culture of Care within our network and offering a work environment where people feel valued, accepted, and inspired. We believe in the healing power of therapeutic touch services and believe the work of massage and skin care therapists does make a positive difference one fantastic body at a time. Our vision and mission are woven tightly into how we defi ne and share our culture through industry relations, employee acquisition, and national massage and skin care initiatives. We pride ourselves in being a positive contributor to associations and other national bodies through sponsorships, volunteer leadership, and charitable donations. FOLLOW THE LEADER With our national industry relations initiatives like Outside the Room, our cornerstone partnership with the Massage Makes Me Happy initiative, our internal professional development training, curated treatment rooms, and award recognition programs, we are leading the industry in creating a positive and uplifting work environment for massage and skin care therapists. What measures have you taken to protect the safety of therapists who may be concerned about practicing in the current environment? When the pandemic started, we immediately revised all our hygiene, cleaning, and infectious disease prevention policies. All our Retreat locations followed all CDC guidelines and state mandated requirements. Our franchisees are committed to creating welcoming, relaxing environments, and part of this is the daily cleaning and maintenance schedules. Massage Heights therapists have access to masks and gloves, and with mandates lifting, they have the option of using both. What sort of career advancement opportunities does Massage Heights offer employees? All Massage Heights Retreats have lead therapist positions that offer a positive way to advance one's career into training and management. There are also assistant director and director positions available should a therapist be interested in advancing. The continued growth of our brand will create other career opportunities as more locations open and regional and corporate positions are added. sponsored by sponsored by What sort of continuing education opportunities does Massage Heights offer employees? Our Culture of Care programming includes monthly training and education sessions for massage and skin care therapists. These sessions are designed and facilitated to offer learning opportunities that support professional and personal growth. For example, we have had sessions led by industry icons like Benny Vaughn and Barb Richmond, who have shared their unique and valuable experiences in the massage and spa worlds. These sessions are proprietary and only available for Massage Heights therapists and staff. Tell us a little about the Massage Heights Family Fund and how it benefi ts therapists. The Massage Heights Family Fund was established to lend a helping hand to those who are so vital to our business. The "Fund" provides fi nancial relief to Massage Heights Retreat team members and their families who face extraordinary challenges in their lives, such as: • The care of a family member when at least two weeks of work are missed or schedule must be reduced by more than 50 percent to care for a family member • Relocation of children or adults to a safer environment • Funeral expenses for a Retreat team member or their family • Temporary housing required due to catastrophe or natural disaster, such as fi re, fl ood, hurricane, or tornado • Covering unforeseen medical expenses ADVERTISEMENT CG Funk, senior VP of culture & industry relations, Massage Heights Franchising

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