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62 m a s s a g e & b o d y wo r k s e p te m b e r/o c to b e r 2 0 2 1 To keep the hunt for rental space fun and less stressful, we've got a bunch of tips for you—and a big list of factors to consider. Your very first step should be reviewing any state or local requirements for massage establishments. You may or may not have regulations that apply to you, but it's best to know ahead of time so you can evaluate a space with those regulations in mind. Bring a list, and use it. Go through that list while you're in the space. Yes, be that geek with a piece of paper and pen, checking off the list and making notes as you chat with the person showing you the property. There are so many variables, it's really hard to keep track of things after you've looked at a few spaces. Have a checklist, make good notes, and take pictures. Bring a tape measure, and if you're nervous, bring a trustworthy friend. Finding the Perfect Office Space No space is perfect. With a little practice and patience, though, you'll find a place that meets all your needs and most of your wants—and the small compromises here and there will not make or break your massage business. LOCATION & EXTERIOR For most of us, the ideal location is one with great visibility from a well-traveled road and near where our ideal clients live or work. The building exterior and parking lot should be clean and properly cared for. Drive by the location at different times and days, and note the parking, local noise levels, and activity of neighboring buildings. Take note of how many parking spots are in the lot and how full the lot is (or isn't) on different times and days. At some point in your massage career, you'll probably be looking for office space to rent, which can be a big, scary, and overwhelming experience if you're not prepared for it. It can also be super fun and really exciting if you do your research and keep a few things in mind. By Allissa Haines and Michael Reynolds TIPS TO KEEP IT FUN AND STRESS-FREE

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