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Page 9 of 111 A single solution to simplify and grow your practice ( 843 ) 352 - 2026 "Fish where the fish are" said a very wise fisherman once. Or perhaps it was Yogi Berra... The point is, if you're looking to fill some vacant spots in your practice's schedule, you'd do well to ma do well to make sure your business is front and center where the overwhelming number of folks are looking. (Yes, that would be Google) Introducing MassageBook's Reserve with Google feature, the easiest, fastest way to get your name in front of the people you've been wondering how to attract, get them on your table and grow your list of regulars. Just one more reason why MassageBook is the choice of almost 10,000 massage and bodywork professionals for practice management, mar and bodywork professionals for practice management, marketing, SOAP notes, a beautiful website and more. 1 People looking for massage near you automatically see a "Schedule" option by your practice listing. (Stands out nicely, doesn't it?!) 2 Without leaving Google, your new client can check your service menu and select a service... 3 Then MassageBook provides your actual, real time availability in Google. Your client simply selects the time they prefer, and... 4 Your new client pre-pays using Google Pay, or a card of their choice and "Click", you just got yourself a new client! How MassageBook + Google Can Fill Your Schedule with new clients that pre-pay. Reserve with Google What you need to know about Powered by ABMP member exclusive discounts

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