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Medical Massage Certification Medical Massage Certification 5 REASONS TO GET CERTIFIED "I felt the Medical Massage Certification was necessary to be taken seriously in the medical field. When applying to one of the largest hospital systems in my state, I discovered that they wouldn't even accept my application without proof of my certification." —Robin Valentino, LMT, MMP ARE YOU CERTIFIED YET? ARE YOU CERTIFIED YET? Schedule and info: 800.201.2247 1 Medical Massage Practitioners™ are the most highly compensated in the industry. 2 the number of hospitals offering massage increased by 1/3 in just two years. source: american Hospital association 3 Your largest competitors (franchises and day spas) generally do not participate in Medical Massage. 4 Medical Massage Practitioners™ are not limited to working in a Doctor's office or hospital, but can practice in their own office or even a home based outcall practice. 5 Helping their clients get well with physician prescribed massage therapy is a source of tremendous personal satisfaction for LMts. "This MMP Certification is wonderful. I am amazed at the referrals received this past year from orthopedic and work comp physicians, chiropractors and physical therapists." —Steve Matthews, RMT, MMP Certified Medical Massage Practitioners™ have the knowledge and ability to work with physicians in an integrated health care partnership. Learn how in a comprehensive program taught in cities across america, in Costa rica, and on even on a luxury cruise ship! Expanded Schedule online! Levels may be taken separately and in any order. *BOTH LEVELS ARE TAUGHT IN THE SAME WEEK new Webinar option! see website for details 2021 SCHEDULE PROFESSIONAL LEVEL Atlanta, GA June 5/6 Denver, CO August 7/8 Dallas, TX August 7/8 Chicago, IL September 4/5 COSTA RICA SEPTEMBER 4-11* Richmond, VA September 11/12 Seattle, WA September 11/12 Baltimore, MD September 18/19 Portland, OR September 25/26 Raleigh, NC September 25/26 ORLANDO, FL OCTOBER 4-8* San Antonio, TX October 9/10 Hartford, CT October 16/17 Charlotte, NC November 6/7 LAS VEGAS, NV DECEMBER 6-10* MASTERS LEVEL Atlanta, GA July 10/11 COSTA RICA SEPTEMBER 4-11* Dallas, TX September 11/12 Denver, CO September 18/19 ORLANDO, FL OCTOBER 4-8* Richmond, VA October 9/10 Seattle, WA October 16/17 Baltimore, MD October 16/17 Portland, OR October 23/24 Raleigh, NC October 23/24 San Antonio, TX November 6/7 Chicago, IL November 13/14 Hartford, CT November 13/14 Charlotte, NC December 4/5 LAS VEGAS, NV DECEMBER 6-10*

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