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22 m a s s a g e & b o d y wo r k m ay/ j u n e 2 0 2 1 best practices | SAVVY SELFˆCARE Meditation Disconnect to Reconnect„ By Heath and Nicole Reed Enjoy your breath. Notice when you are breathing in, and observe when you are breathing out. Continue to luxuriate in the beauty and majesty of your biology, breathing as you read on, and ask yourself, "How do I know what is true for me?" Now, float this question around and within you for a few breathing cycles; create space for insight to emerge and allow the wisdom of your body sensations to respond. You may need to ask the question several times before a response arises from within. With thoughtful breathing, you are practicing mindfulness or meditation. When you give yourself the gift of your generous attention, you are meditating. And you are likely meditating throughout your day—every time you step out of autopilot and reconnect yourself to the present moment. DISCONNECT TO RECONNECT More than ever, there's an assault on our attention as external messengers vie for our eyeballs and pocketbooks in ways that diminish our inborn capacity to source and know what is true for us. Being inundated by perpetual digital notifications, popups, and sales campaigns— compounded by the recent advent of "fake news" and notoriously erroneous "alternative facts" on social media— results in widespread feelings of confusion, FOMO (fear of missing out), alienation, or even enemy patterning. To dissolve feelings of disconnection, doubt, and uncertainty, we turn to the self-care practice of meditation. Self-care is all about becoming more self-aware, and meditation is a reliable practice for reconnecting us to our true nature. Our true nature is connected, focused, Meditation is not reserved for enlightened, holy, or sacred people, and it is not hard. MARCUS AURELIUS¯PEXELS

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