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July/August 2013

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A tOuCH OF HuMOr By susan M. epperly I always look forward to that stiletto sale. Really?! Of course! Two words: job security! © 2013, Susan M. Epperly ( Susan M. Epperly and her husband, Shane, are clinical massage therapists in private practice in Austin, Texas. Through their production company, Tiger Lily Studios (, Susan and Shane create educational content for fellow health and wellness practitioners and clients who would like to learn more about clinical massage and trigger point therapy. Their mission is to "entertain, educate, and engage," and their content includes audio and ebooks, training videos, and the massage comic A Touch of Humor. Be sure to check out their hugely popular, free web series Trigger Point Ninja, available at and on the YouTube channel for Tiger Lily Studios. See what benefits await you. 15

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