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technique @work | the science of movement | energy work | Myofascial techniques The Traits of an Energy Practitioner Take This Self-Assessment Quiz By John Kroneck Reviewing one's mastery of each of these traits can offer avenues for personal exploration and professional development. This may be a private review or a shared activity with a professional support group or study group. In the energetic healing process, there are skills or traits necessary to assist individuals in their healing. These traits are not only about the practitioner understanding and assimilating the concepts, but also include how well the practitioner can help clients learn these traits for use in their own self-healing. The primary traits that help in the healing process are: 1. Stillness. 2. Presence: present moment and awareness. 3. Nonattachment: nonresistance and nonjudgment. 4. Beginner's Mind. 5. Acceptance. 6. Inspiration. 7. Responsibility. 8. Kindness quotient. 110 massage & bodywork july/august 2013 Directions: For each of the following, rate your mastery of the given trait. To do the assessment, use a 1-to-10 scale, with 1 representing very low mastery or none at all, and 10 representing optimal mastery. For each trait, use the critique area for notes about why you rated yourself as you did. After doing the self-assessment, review your responses for what they indicate about you. You may want to identify a goal for personal or professional development based on one or more of the indicators. 1. Stillness For a majority of people, one of the most difficult things to do is to be still. This could be because the mind has so many stimuli today, but it may also be that being still is frightening. To be still means that pain has time to show itself without the distractions of life. Being still within our consciousness opens healing avenues as it stimulates an alignment and integration of the body and its systems. How is your mastery of stillness? Rating:_______ Critique notes:____________________________________ ____________________________________________________

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