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Q&A Why did you create SoapNotesPRO? I am a licensed massage therapist and registered manual osteopath. My chiropractor wife and I not only treat patients but also manage our busy clinic in Ontario. My vision for SoapNotesPRO was to create a fully interactive 3D SOAP notes model that simplifi es the accuracy of identifying the correct areas of injury and helps educate patients. Why should therapists use your app? What sets it apart from other SOAP notes software? SoapNotesPRO is quick and simple to use, allows users to auto-generate professional SOAP notes using their smartphone or tablet, and is ideal for sending professional documentation to lawyers and insurance companies. SoapNotesPRO's intuitive "Tap & Select" interface allows users to select from different layers of skin, muscles, and joints in 3D, and the associated tests will auto-generate professional and accurate documentation quickly and effi ciently. The platform also includes a duplication feature and an extensive list of predetermined options for easy input. SoapNotesPRO accommodates multiple services and fees, and generates customizable activity reports in Excel. Why is it important for therapists to include orthopedic and neurological tests in their assessments? The basic requirement for preparing a customized treatment plan consists of accurate observation and orthopedic and neurological testing. SoapNotesPRO classifi es these different orthopedic tests for specifi c body regions, which are then organized to aid the therapist in visualizing the related tests for that specifi c body region and subjective area. Subsequently, SoapNotesPRO helps with accurate diagnosis and improves note-taking. How secure is your system? Can therapists securely back up their client records? Data is stored both on the user's device and is backed up on Amazon servers. SOAP notes and client data belong to the massage therapist. Accordingly, PDF-formatted SOAP notes are created on demand anytime for review and/ or for export by email, only by the therapist, and then are automatically deleted from the servers. Continuous autosaving enables recovery of data, when necessary. What's next on the horizon for SoapNotesPRO? Any new trends or products you're excited about? Planned upgrades include scanning, photo, and video functionality to assist in digitizing current and historical information (including medical reports, referrals, X-rays, patient gait, and posture); portals that allow practitioners and clinics to share documents seamlessly and instantly; and contactless transactions and communications from intake forms, including virus- and symptom-related requirements, scheduling, billing, and payments. Masoud Zhian CEO & Co-founder, SoapNotesPRO™ sponsored by PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION SoapNotesPRO auto-generates professional SOAP notes, reducing by 70% the time of documentation.

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